Betting Options

Betting Options - You vs The Dealer

Betting Options - You vs The Dealer

Even though a lot of novice players are confused by the game, there are very few Pai Gow Poker betting options available to you.

Most casinos offer only one type of bet for pai gow poker. Other trading sites offer binary options, where legit binary options brokers will allow you to bet on financial markets. That is not the types of betting options this page is talking about. Which is totally different than a more confusing game like craps. You can find the best usa online casino for craps if you are interested in playing the dice online.

However, there are some online and live casinos that operate a little differently. Depending on where you’re playing, you might be able to make one or more side bets (though all of them will carry a large house edge).

Below, we’ll explain how bets are made during the game and describe the different Pai Gow Poker betting options that are available at a few casinos.

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Pai Gow Poker Betting Options

Each hand begins after you make your initial bet. There is no raising or matching that bet during the hand. Plus, side bets are rarely offered. Whatever amount you choose in the beginning represents the entire amount you’re putting at risk. At some online and live casinos, you’ll have additional Pai Gow Poker betting options from which to choose. For example, Fortune Pai Gow Poker is a variant that allows you to make a $5 side bet on the ranking value of your 7-card hand. If you have a 4 of a kind, you’ll receive an additional “Envy Bonus.”

Another version of the game is called Jackpot Pai Gow Poker. As the name implies, it allows you to make a side bet on an exclusive jackpot. Similar to a slots jackpot.

Emperor’s Challenge is a version that offers three Pai Gow Poker betting options:

  • the initial bet
  • side bet
  • insurance bet

The insurance bet pays out if your 7-card hand contains seven disparate cards without making a straight or flush.

Finally, a Jokolor bet is a wager that pays out if your 7-card hand contains 6 cards of the same color and a joker, or 7 cards of the same color.

Keep in mind that each of the side bets described above are seldom offered. Most casinos, both online and land-based, will only allow you to make the initial bet when playing Pai Gow. Given that the house edge is comparatively high on these side bets, this is hardly a disadvantage. Opposite to the odd/even bets you can find playing roulette, many players like to use the roulette double up betting strategy in order to quickly double their bankroll before wagering some money on the higher risk / higher reward bets in pai gow.

Best Online Casino To Bet Pai Gow Poker

The best place we’ve found to play Pai Gow Poker online is Bodog Casino. They keep the game simple by only offering a single betting option (your initial bet). As a result, the house edge is low (2.66%). They also provide fantastic customer support and a stimulating playing environment. Visit Bodog Casino today to enjoy the game without the unnecessary Pai Gow Poker betting options.

You can also take advantage of sports betting promos at any of the major and reputable online sportsbooks including the NFL sportsbook promos!

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