Over the last few years, online casinos have raced to design Flash playing environments for their gambling customers. There’s a good reason. More people than ever are choosing to play casino games in their browser rather than downloading software. Having said that, it’s worth underscoring the advantages of having a Pai Gow Poker download option available.

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Pai Gow Poker Download: Advantages

  • First, the quality of the game’s presentation is higher.
  • The rendering of the graphics is better
  • the sounds are more authentic
  • the overall experience is more engaging. The reason is due to the programming platforms. They’re more robust and allow far more flexibility than Flash no download.
  • Another reason to opt for a Pai Gow Poker download option is because the experience is more reliable. You can enjoy it whether or not you’re connected online. By contrast, you won’t be able to play Flash-based Pai Gow Poker in your browser if you lose your internet connection. This is also one of the reasons we recommend download the casino if you want to play other games. You can see how to download let it ride poker at our sister site.
  • A Pai Gow Poker download is also faster than playing in Flash, especially if your internet connection is slow. That makes the gaming experience more seamless and therefore, more enjoyable.

Pai Gow Poker Download: Potential Drawbacks

One of the biggest disadvantages of playing within gambling software is that you have to play on the computer to which you’ve installed the client. For example, if you have installed the Pai Gow Poker download onto your machine at home, you can’t enjoy it at the office.

Another drawback is that gambling software requires space on your computer. To be fair, given that today’s hard drives are massive, it’s hard to consider this a real disadvantage.

Top Online Casinos To Play Pai Gow Poker

Because a Pai Gow Poker download has inherent strengths and weaknesses, your best option is to choose an online casino that offers both software and a Flash environment. That way, you’ll enjoy the best of both worlds.

We recommend two top-tier, highly-respected casinos: Bodog Casino and Rushmore Casino. Both gambling sites will let you play Pai Gow Poker through your browser or within their respective software clients. You can migrate back and forth within your account, according to your preferences. For example, if you prefer to play through a Pai Gow Poker download at home, use the casinos’ software. If you’d like to enjoy a few hands at the office, simply log in through your browser. Your account will be automatically connected to both interfaces.

Visit Bodog Casino today. Create your account at both gambling sites, download their software, and get started enjoying Pai Gow Poker.