Casino Games

Pai Gow is but one of the popular online casino games. We’ve googled the most popular casino games and decided to list them and link to resources you can read more about each game itself. Use this page to find quality information about all the major casino games you can play live and online.

  • Slot Machines – Jackpots and ‘life changing’ progressive prizes can be won playing these one armed bandits known as Slot Machines. They are devoted the most space and the highest value space of every live casino as they are by far the profit centers for the operators. Some argue that most of the other games are just ways to get people in the casino so they will lose their money playing slots. They are also one of the most popular online casino games on the market as well with hundreds of thousands of people spending millions of dollars a year playing slots online.
  • Blackjack – Blackjack is one of the most popular table games at the casino. The classic game of 21 continues to be one of the most popular online casino games to play as well. There are countless websites devoted to playing blackjack.
  • Craps – The dice game of craps is one of my personal favorite games to play at a live casino because when you get on a hot roll, or when anyone gets on a hot roll that you are betting with, it can be the absolute most fun in a casino that you ever have. I’ve played craps online some and it is great for learning the game and it’s bets inside and out but it’s impossible to replicate that live casino feeling of a super hot online craps table.
  • Craps Strategies – Check out this site dedicated to explaining winning craps strategies in a straight forward, information rich website.
  • Video Poker – With games like dueces wild and jacks or better video poker has been a long time staple of land based casinos. The game offers players strategy that can win or at least reduce the house edge down very low, but requires exacting proper decisions by the player. You can learn about video poker strategy or just read some articles from some really good video poker players to learn how to play like a pro.
  • Roulette – My wifes favorite casino game is the easy to play roulette wheel. Simply put your chips down on some numbers and let the dealer spin the marble around the wheel. If it lands on your number you’ve won. Online roulette is not quite as popular to play as the live game as the live game is more social and way to enjoy yourself while getting free drinks at the casino. At least that’s my story. You’ve also got popular strategies like the Martingale system but unless you can find a roulette wheel bias in a live casino, the house still has an edge in ever roulette bet.
  • 3 Card Poker – ahh, the ole ‘crack’ of the casino, at least for yours truly. Three card poker is a fast paced table game that gives you plenty of chances to hit some very nice bonus payouts. It’s also often confused with Let it Ride, another very popular casino game. Especially if you want to play let it ride online as there are usually progressive jackpots that can be won.
  • Baccarat – the high stakes game of baccarat is known for offering some of the highest limits in the casino and played by the highest stake players on the planet. The slower paced card game has been a hit in live casinos for years and is becoming more and more popular in online casinos as well.
  • Keno – playing keno reminds me of playing the lottery, just on speed. I really don’t know much about playing keno but you can play keno online as well as in live casinos, and it offers one of the worst odds of the casino games. The bright side is that keno is one of the few games that counts towards clearing online casino bonuses at many good online casinos.
  • Play Online Slots for real money – Real money slots online is the focus of They cover some of the top online casinos to play real slot games online for real money.
  • Best Online Poker Rooms – tells you where to play poker online and which are the best online poker sites in the internet. Keeps up to date with current online poker promotions from reputable poker sites.

We will continue to fill out this page with more casino games and links to more quality casino information as it becomes available.